Angler Report: Bartlett Lake Crappie

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Arizona Game and FIsh

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

Fished Bartlett Lake on Veterans Day looking for crappie. Managed to catch a dozen dink bass, 2 bluegills, and 5 black nose crappie. I fished mainly up river and used my graph to find schools. I was over a really nice sized school for a while, but they just weren’t taking the bait. All fish were caught with a double minnow rig, dropshot style. Catch rate was low, but I got to the lake late and it was windy through most of the day. Gotta get there early before the wind picks up.

I was excited to pull catchable black nose crappie out of the lake since they were stocked earlier this year. They were all tossed back.